Power “puff” girlz

When I first did my big chop on march 2011, I felt great, renewed and free at last. It was all new to me. I loved it because I was forced to become creative not just with my new proclaimed freedom but also how I accessoried around my new hair-do to make it stylish and my own. After a few months of the big chop, I was ready to experience hair growth. I was patiently ready to achieve MY FIRST PUFF. Y’all know, coming from the big chop, achieving puff status is a big deal. Lol. That meant, new styles and most importantly Hair Growth!!!!!! Instant power. So I’m going to dedicate this post to all the power “puff” girlz.















I need help!!!!

Ok so, although I have a license as a master cosmetologist and am great at making the natural hair grow healthy and long, there’s still some things that i need help on such as Sew- ins and etc. I live in the Atlanta ga area. I have been searching events to take classes on my weak areas and have reached out to some of my hairstylist “friends” to show me what I may or may not be doing wrong. And no one has been willing to help. Mind you I’m not asking for free. I’m a hands on kinda learner. I know the basics of sew-ins and what I need to learn might take that person a good 20 mins. It’s so sad to me how some stylists are so scared that if they somehow become a blessing to someone by teaching a little bit of what they know, that person will try to take their business or skills. Each stylist has their own artistic touch. No one can do it like you do. So why not be willing to help someone else along like someone took the time to help you. Until then………. My search continues.

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