Natural by choice or popularity?

DId you become natural because you felt like it was the best healthy choice or because its popular and everyone’s doing it now?

How would you describe your style and what is your goal length?

I made the decision to go natural for both reasons equally.

My style is pretty broad and hard to explain. I dress according to how I’m feeling. If that makes sense. I love the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era. I enjoy different cultures and nationalities and sometimes I take bits and pieces from them all to make my own style. I love high heels but I can not walk in them. I like to dress my natural up with flowers, ribbons, hats, scarves etc. My goal length is waist length. My hair has never past bra strap length so I’m excited to reach my goal with all of you.

Tell me about yours….

..20130917_200029 (1)<<<<<<This is my hair length now<<<<<<<<

Image<<<<<<<<<This is my goal length<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

SEX…. Is it more of a chore or enjoyment?

This is another open forum for the ladies and gentlemen…

Question: Is sex more of a chore in a marriage/relationship or enjoyment?

I know some people can relate to  both sides. You hear about people being in relationship for a couple of years and lose the sexual enjoyment. Instead it become more of a chore. Something you do out of an obligation. If you didn’t have to do it you wouldn’t.

Quick scenario: chick gets ready for bed in a head scarf, sweat pants, big t-shirt with one sock on and the other one off. Boyfriend/ husband/fiancé, scratching his butt real hard, farts, look at his chic like she did it then yanks his boxers out of his crack just before getting under the covers. The chic has all kind of names going through her head that she wants to call him but instead both of them turn their backs to each other until……… he turns around and press it against her butt and then she has 2 seconds to come up with a good fake snore, get a fast head ache or take a deep breath and give in hoping it will be over soon.

My question is where does things go wrong? and why?  There are no right or wrong opinions.  I

I feel that sex is very important in  a relationship.  It’s where 2 people get a chance to connect on a spiritual level with their soul mate. It relieves stress, it makes your bond closer. It’s enjoyment for me… what about you?

I need help!!!!

Ok so, although I have a license as a master cosmetologist and am great at making the natural hair grow healthy and long, there’s still some things that i need help on such as Sew- ins and etc. I live in the Atlanta ga area. I have been searching events to take classes on my weak areas and have reached out to some of my hairstylist “friends” to show me what I may or may not be doing wrong. And no one has been willing to help. Mind you I’m not asking for free. I’m a hands on kinda learner. I know the basics of sew-ins and what I need to learn might take that person a good 20 mins. It’s so sad to me how some stylists are so scared that if they somehow become a blessing to someone by teaching a little bit of what they know, that person will try to take their business or skills. Each stylist has their own artistic touch. No one can do it like you do. So why not be willing to help someone else along like someone took the time to help you. Until then………. My search continues.

Frequently asked questions about my natural hair.

1.Question: I am natural, I wear protective styles all the time but my hair is too frizzy. What do you suggest?

Answer: Wearing your hair in protective styles is an excellent idea but while it’s in those protective styles make sure that you are going the extra mile by sleeping on satin pillow cases, tying your hair up with a silk or satin scarf at night. These two things will be very helpful with fighting the frizz using a usual cotton scarf and pillow cases. This is equally as important if you are not currently wearing protective styles. Last but not least STEAM TREATMENTS are the bomb with both relaxed hair and natural hair but especially for natural hair.

2.Question:  What products have you used?

Answer: I really don’t use many store-bought products on my hair anymore. I started making my own natural  hair products. When I first started out, I was a product JUNKIE to the 100th power. For instance, when I first did my big chop, eco styler gel was my HOMIE. LOL seriously. It helped my hair grow as well. The leave in conditioner I used was kinky curly’s “knot today” , for shampoo I used a another conditioner called “Herbal essence hello hydration conditioner” as a co-wash. Now, I use eggs, mayo, vinegar, olive oil from the grocery store, lavender, tea tree oil from the natural health food store mixed with water in a spray bottle right before my steam treatments.

3. Question: How do you make your edges lay down?

Answer: Eco styler gel is my ” HOME SKILLET” forever!!!! ( the olive oil one)

4. Question: Did it take a long time to get your first puff after doing the big chop?

Answer: MMMMnnnn, well, let me just say that if you have a big chop and are dying to finally reach” PUFF STATUS” it can seem like forever in a day but looking back, My answer is NO it did not take very long. I massaged my scalp alot in my big chop stage for growth stimulation along with loving the stage I was in on my journey.

5.Question: How often do you straighten your hair?

Answer: I straighten my hair every 6 months to check my length and trim my ends.

6. Question: How often do you trim the ends of your hair?

Answer: Every 6 months. I dont feel a need to do it more than that unless you are transitioning then you would want to trim every 2 months or so.

7.Question: Why is my hair so dry?

Answer:  You could have dry hair for a number of reasons.. How healthy your hair is always starts from the inside. You have to eat healthy and drink a lot of water, take your vitamins and make sure you get some Omega-3, do not over shampoo your hair, co wash instead. Use steam treatments, condition, condition, condition. Do not use products which contain alcohol in them, sleep on satin pillow cases.

8.Question: Why does my hair have different curl patterns on one head?

Answer: For me, my relaxer changed the curl pattern of my hair after going natural.  My hair went from being knotty to curly in some areas of my head. For instance, the back is extremely curly with just the right spring back , the top has loose curls that will not hold much and my sides have very tight coily curls. So, believe me I know how you feel. It’s not just you, everyone has different textures of hair on their head or different curl patterns.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I”ll try my best to answer them promptly………

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