About Me: 

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

Hello! I’m Tonya Deshawn – the Creator of Natural hair world confessions. I bid you a warm welcome to my blog. I am a “Naturalista” who lives in Georgia with my husband (who’s also my best friend) my youngest son and my 2 crazy yet loveable doggies. I also have 2 sons in the Airforce and a stepdaughter. Oh and im a Capricorn lol

This venture started out humbly enough as a form of therapy for myself and how i felt that god was dealing with me in my marriage. Now, here I am creating content that not only helped me heal but its helping others also through my experiences.

My blog is a place for you to talk, vent, learn  and laugh alot.  

Meet my family


11 thoughts on “About Me: 

    1. Your welcome hun. Thank you for the compliment. I say go ahead and cut it off. Be bold LOL and free yourself. Doing the big chop and becoming 100% natural is all about how you carry yourself. Rock it like you are the finest thing on the planet. I was scared too but once I finally did, I was so happy with it. I loved it so much that I started making my own basketball wives inspired earrings to accentuate my TWA…. So good luck and if you need any advice, holla…


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