Have you taken time to think about this?

So,I’ve been laying in bed looking at celebrity couple breakups. It’s a shame that celebrities can’t be in a relationship and make normal people mistakes without everyone blowing it out of proportion.  I was looking at neyo and his ex fiance Monyetta and how everyone is saying he broke up with her via instagram. They are human just like we are and humans do some fucked up shit sometimes.  But what I do love about his ex is the way she’s handling herself through it all. No name calling, she’s still going out with her girls, still being a good mom and trying to do her career thing. She’s staying prayed up and positive about it and most of all, she’s not answering questions or entertaining any of that online bullshit.  Which is very classy on her part as a woman because we are known to be ratchet during a bad breakup. So my question is do you take the time (for yourself) to think about what positive attributes you look for in a man/woman? Because after all we are all attracted to something.  If you look back in all your past relationships,  all of them had something in common that you were attracted to. I was and still am attracted to intelligence.  Intellectually stimulating conversation. I’m attracted to someone who can take me somewhere else mentally.  Help me to think outside the box. Teach me things i’ve never known. Tell me how to manage my money better and how to invest. I’m attracted to confidence. Not conceit nor arrogance but humble confidence. I like natural swagg. The type of swagg that he doesn’t even realize he has, it just is. I’m attracted to strength, mental strength cause it’s hard to deal with me sometimes. I’m attracted to a man who can make me laugh until my side hurts. I know so many people that’s going out here looking for that special someone but they end up with pieces of shit because they never took the time to figure out what they’re actually looking for and the ones that do, don’t stick with there requirements.  They settle instead. Write down a list of what your looking for realistically in a mate. Everything and be specific. Once you have it written down look at it and edit it. After that’s done, take that list to god and pray for everything on it over and over and over because God is better at this match making thing then you are. While god is working on that, you work on you. Go join that gym, learn a skill or two, go back to school, volunteer your time, stay busy. Who knows……. you might run into the love of your life on the Internet lol 

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