Natural by choice or popularity?

DId you become natural because you felt like it was the best healthy choice or because its popular and everyone’s doing it now?

How would you describe your style and what is your goal length?

I made the decision to go natural for both reasons equally.

My style is pretty broad and hard to explain. I dress according to how I’m feeling. If that makes sense. I love the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era. I enjoy different cultures and nationalities and sometimes I take bits and pieces from them all to make my own style. I love high heels but I can not walk in them. I like to dress my natural up with flowers, ribbons, hats, scarves etc. My goal length is waist length. My hair has never past bra strap length so I’m excited to reach my goal with all of you.

Tell me about yours….

..20130917_200029 (1)<<<<<<This is my hair length now<<<<<<<<

Image<<<<<<<<<This is my goal length<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

13 thoughts on “Natural by choice or popularity?

Add yours

  1. I use to have long hair when I was younger and fighting with my illness, and seen my hair break off badly! I knew what I had to do! Leave the crack and go back to my roots without hot comb as much this time. Not fan of heat to my hair. I’m loving the transition journey and plan on cutting rest of perm on 30th birthday! Goal is health hair for now and to see if natural is best for my illness so far so good in transition phase..


    1. Poeticjourney,Thank you for responding to this post. I think you’ve made an excellent choice. Just keep it moisturized and try juicing fruits and vegetables together for both your health and hair. Happy early birthday and congrats on your cutting off the rest of your relaxer. Good luck with everything and if you have any questions please ask…. Till the next time.


      1. Will do and ty for early birthday wishes…. I need drink more water then anything when it comes to sickle cell! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us….God Bless


  2. I honestly didn’t think about it at the time. I was kind of “forced”. I had gotten color in my hair for the 1st time and my relaxed hair didn’t like it and broke off. Shortly after that I was talking to my Mom about just not getting a relaxer anymore to which she replied, “You got “good hair” go for it.”, lol. With that I never looked back. I didn’t realize it was a “movement” all those years ago. I’m glad that I didn’t have time to think about the popularity of it almost 8 years ago…but it was just a choice at the time that made sense for me. I didn’t even know anyone at the time personally who was natural. This was a great blog topic! If you can I have a beauty blog at my site


    1. I appreciate you commenting on this topic. The reason I went natural was for rebirth purposes. I went from getting a divorce to meeting the man of my dreams, cutting my hair into the “halle berry” style ( I’ve never had it cut that short). I got a facial piercing for the first time. I was losing weight and my boyfriend at the time said, why don’t you go natural? I’m like yeah!!!!. Lol do u have any big chop pics? I’m going to check your blog out now.. thanks for following.


      1. I actually transitioned because my hair was pretty short by my standards, lol. I have pics (somewhere) of my hair shorter, lol. I love the whole rebirth story!! And I love the encouragement he gave you. That’s another topic. So many natural get backlash for going and being natural…


  3. Hello Doll, would you like to enter a poll about natural hair? If yes, here is the question:
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  4. I realize that ANYTHING had to be better than the limp, flat hair I was constantly weaving so I cut it all off and started from scratch. Went back to the relaxer. Cut. Went back to the relaxer. Cut. Its been 10 months and I’m pretty certain I will not relax my hair again.
    My goal is just to see my hair grow as all my life I have had very short hair or “salt head” as we say in Antigua. I am just about to do a Castor Oil Challenge to see if that will help me 🙂


    1. Thank you for visiting my page. I think natural hair grows fast. Make sure you keep it moisturized with conditioner and water and keep it in protective styles (no sew in weaves). Also stay away from heat and drink plenty of water. I guarantee you’ll see your hair grow like the flower that you are…


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