Side Chicks..

This is a open forum for the Ladies and Gentlemen…….

Why are some women OK with being the side chic? 

I see it all of the time. I asked a guy his opinion and he said, ” I think females want to feel loved even if its not real. They think that some attention is better than none at all. We hear all the time about women without fathers in their life tend to look for  a man to fill the void but what about the mothers who raise these daughters? What have these women been exposed to growing up as a child from their mothers? Did the child grow up seeing the mother being a side chic?  What’s the mentality around it? I want to hear open minded opinions. There are not right or wrong answers. I want you to really think about it before you comment. And if you are a side chic or have been one in the past. Tell us your story… Maybe this information can help someone who might be lost or confused. Hey after all we have all been there whether we did it knowingly or not.

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  1. Side Chicks made a personal choice to do so. Some by past experience, some by lower confidence and feel that’s a fight they rather have than wait for someone for them.. It’s so hard to pin point a real explanation that fits all. It’s like asking someone why do they steal or why they tend to suck their thumbs. But it up to them to want to change and go to say women empowerment sessions in which are free ( and want that difference that real. A thing that surprise me these days are women who say they don’t like kids or don’t want any. It’s like a responsibility they are running from or just knowing themselves that if they were bad and a pain to raise, for them to raise someone like them, they just can’t do. I hope I made a bit of sense. 🙂 Keep on being awesome.


  2. I can totally agree with you. You make perfect sense actually because there’s no right or wrong opinion. Yes, every woman has her own story. My aim is not to diminish chics but to empower them. I want women to be able to look at the root of the problem. The reason why we as women make the same mistakes is because we don’t understand the root of the problem. Like where did I learn this behavior? Or why do I feel like I NEED a man in my life? How do I feel when I’m single and alone? Sometimes, women are ok with being side chics simply because they are afraid to be alone. Which means fear is the root of their problem. So, the first step to loving yourself is to acknowledge and face that fear.


  3. I think side Chics think they have some type of power over the relationship because they can get what they want and send the dude home but all they are doing is selling their self short or maybe it’s lack of self esteem and they will do anything to feel special and wanted. If you know you are a side chic and put up with it I feel something is wrong. Maybe them watching scandal has their head messed up or maybe they are doing what they have seen women in previous generations of their family do. If you know better you do better


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