SEX…. Is it more of a chore or enjoyment?

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Question: Is sex more of a chore in a marriage/relationship or enjoyment?

I know some people can relate to  both sides. You hear about people being in relationship for a couple of years and lose the sexual enjoyment. Instead it become more of a chore. Something you do out of an obligation. If you didn’t have to do it you wouldn’t.

Quick scenario: chick gets ready for bed in a head scarf, sweat pants, big t-shirt with one sock on and the other one off. Boyfriend/ husband/fiancé, scratching his butt real hard, farts, look at his chic like she did it then yanks his boxers out of his crack just before getting under the covers. The chic has all kind of names going through her head that she wants to call him but instead both of them turn their backs to each other until……… he turns around and press it against her butt and then she has 2 seconds to come up with a good fake snore, get a fast head ache or take a deep breath and give in hoping it will be over soon.

My question is where does things go wrong? and why?  There are no right or wrong opinions.  I

I feel that sex is very important in  a relationship.  It’s where 2 people get a chance to connect on a spiritual level with their soul mate. It relieves stress, it makes your bond closer. It’s enjoyment for me… what about you?

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  1. It’s all those in one. I don’t think it started with the relationship. It’s mostly just the person. And some people getting into relationships for completely different reasons. Some love the ease or lifestyle with someone but would rather an sexual experience with someone else. If it’s not that person, then they can do without.

    So it’s all about the person. It’s like a contract to me when talking to a lady. In all honesty how do they see the first year, then the 5th year or 10th year, are we having it for fun and excitement for a long time or just to have kids, or is it a oneness we are building being intimate.

    So it can be all for one, or just for some factors, or just none.

    It should never be a chore in the end. It’s a great blessing in which people tend to create too much drama around or use for the wrong reason as a general notion. 🙂


  2. You are very experienced in different areas on life I see lol. I hear men talk all of the time about how women change after they marry. I’m here to say…….why that’s the farthest from the truth. If anything, I crave it more lol. I’m just saying. I do feel that taking that part of your life for granted, whether it be the woman or man, that it can become more chore like and less enjoyable. Gotta keep it spice and fresh. What ever it takes. Lol


  3. I think things go wrong when it becomes predictable, so instead of it being something beautiful It’s done because you know you have to (chore). Spice it up, try new things, make him/her anxious to come home and see what you have waiting for them. If it becomes boring and nothing is done to change the viscous cycle eventually somebody will step in and change it for you. Hell give them my number and I’ll give them tips to get the windows back rattling in the bedroom lol


    1. ooh wee!!! I dont know whether to laught out loud or tell you how on point you are. I think I will do both. I think its very important to spice things up in the bedroom so it doesnt become boring as hell. Who want boring sex. Always in the bedroom on the bed. what about some floor action? some department store changing room action? elevator action lol? I mean really…. Wheres the beef?


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