I’m baaaack!!!!

Ok so, I’m embarrassed to say but its been about a year since I’ve  posted anything. The last thing I’ve posted was on my birthday. You know how it is on your birthday or new years eve when you make up in your mind that your going to change for the better and all this mumbo jumbo…. Well that was me.. I took a before pictures of how I looked so that I could post it  because my plan was to lose weight, write a book and I believe grow my hair longer. Oh and about the pictures well lets just say, I was too embarrassed to put them up. I will be honest with you. Taking pictures of yourself when your feeling the most unattractive and looking at them are one thing.  Posting them on the internet for everyone to see is a whole different ball game lol. So, to make a long story short, I punked out. I felt too embarrassed to write. Kinda like when you borrow money from someone and never pay them back then you get mad at them and stop speaking because you know they are looking for their money. lolol, but I am here to tell you that the devil is a LIAR. I have decided to update my blog name from naturalhairworld to naturalhairworldconfessions. why? Because for so long, I’ve ran away from things that seem to hard for me. Including speaking on my true feelings. Always wondering how the next person might feel about what I’ve said. I’ve always placed others before myself.  In January, I will be 37 years old and feel the need to express myself in every way possible. So, it’s no telling what you’ll get from me. Did you know that “Worrying” about anything and everything can cause so much sickness and unhealthiness in your life and body?  Well, I refuse to continue to live that life….Again, My blog name is http://naturalhairworldconfessions.wordpress.org. …..feel free to ask questions, advice, send me pics of your natural unique style or just…………………. Enjoy the ride.

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  1. Welcome back! I LOVE the honesty of this post. In regards to putting yourself first in expressing yourself in every way possible I say, “Good for you!”. I’m looking forward to reading more. God bless you sis 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh I so relate to your piece! This is just where I was when I started my blog – aged 37, happy but not happy enough, brave but not as brave as I knew I could be, worrying too much about what others may think, and in the process not shining as bright as God intended! Three years later, aged 40, I’m laughing and guarantee you will be laughing too, probably louder

    Looking forward to enjoying your ride!


    1. I am extremely grateful for your comment. It really made my day. I’m so glad that you have finally found your true happy self. It’s hard trying get our of the habit of being a people pleaser but girl it comes a time when you just so overwhelmed and tired. That’s where I am in my life. I have a special prayer I say every day to help… it goes…….. God grant me the peace of being myself. Grant me comfort and peace in my own skin. Open my eyes and ears spiritually. Help me to see myself the way you see me. Those that like me, you’ll have to make them and those that dont, is your problem lord god. In Jesus name amen.


  3. Very much express yourself and definitely blog. It’s really a release and a place for you to cry, eat and sleep just as I do… It’s like a new home. Build it up and more people will coming over for tea. 🙂


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