My daughters hair


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  1. Hello! Your daughter is very pretty. She reminds me of my little one who’s 2 years old. Especially, the middle picture. Their smile is very similar. I also have two boys age 8 and 11. My daughter’s hair is about the same length as yours but her hair is not as soft. I’m going to try this style on her.

    By the way, thanks for the follow!


    1. @ organicready, thank you for the add and compliment as well. I also have 2 boys 10 and 16. My oldest hair is longer than mine but I keep it braided. The style I did on my daughter only took me 2 hours. Of course I had to chase her for 30 mins to sit down and be still. Lol. Try the hair style on your daughter then post some before and after photos of the style so I can put it on my page next to my daughter pics lol.


  2. Great post and super cute hair style! I had to comment because I noticed we have the same shower curtain- and both take hair pics in front of it! lol! The first thing I thought was “Why is this little girl in my bathroom?!” Hahahaha! Great post, keep them coming!


    1. @napturalnicole, lol you have me laughing like crazy over here about having the same curtains. You have purrrrrfect taste in shower curtains is all I can say girl. Lol. I got my laugh for today. Thanks


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