What I used on my natural hair to make it grow 10 inches in one year?

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What I used on my natural hair to make it grow 10 inches in one year?

Last but not least… The hair steamer. If your natural hair is very dry, dull, and unhealthy, the hair steamer is an excellent conditioning treatment that will get into your hair strands and give it life again.


6 Replies to “What I used on my natural hair to make it grow 10 inches in one year?”

    1. Let me know how much you like your steamer when you get it and let me know what a HUGE difference it makes. Excellent purchase choice


    1. Tiffany, you are absolutely right… It does make a BiG difference. Sometimes I use conditioner while using the steamer and sometimes I dont. Either way, the steamer moisturizes your hair shaft which helps tremendously with your hair growth process


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