To all my Big Chop chics

First and foremost let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS to all the women who had the courage to go through the mental steps of doing the big chop… Excellent decision….

OK, so I often read people postings of their Big Chop experience and how they feel afterwards or how some are so afraid to experience the freedom of doing it. Let me be the first one to admit that change is challenging at first for everyone not just for you. Usually people are afraid because they think about what other peoples reaction will be, afraid that their hair will be too nappy, afraid that their face is too fat, too small, too long etc.  My answer to that is……. God made you perfectly. He  did not make a mistake when he designed your beautiful face and hair.  Its yours. A gift from him however it may be. Before you cut your hair or decide to become 100% natural, start by first loving the skin your in. Start by seeing your true beauty. Stop worrying about how pretty the next chic curls are and embrace your own. Your curls are just as beautiful as the next chics. Well, why do your curls look so different you ask? Because you are unique. In a class all by yourself. Work it!!! Become the flyest YOU!!  Going natural is more than just cutting your hair or being chemical free. Its a mental experience. Its being born again. Its like being in a messed up relationship with a guy for a long time knowing that you deserve better (The relaxer) then finally cutting him off completely ( the big chop) and feeling free and new (being 100% natural). So after that relationship is over you look in the mirror, tell yourself girl !!!!! never again. So,You go out and buy some new clothes, makeup, earrings feeling beautiful, free with head held up high and ladies that is when people will see you and admire your strength, your courage and your rocking attitude which will not have them hate on you but encourage them to do the same…. I hope this helps…..


Love all my naturals,

Natural hair world

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